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cruiseship-gallery-news : Norwegian Breakaway
Posted by admin on 2013/2/28 16:50:00 (2929 reads)

You like to see more than 700 photos from the fantastic Norwegian Breakaway? No problem in this, just click here:
Norwegian Breakaway

cruiseship-gallery-news : Report about Celebrity Reflection
Posted by admin on 2013/1/31 7:10:00 (1541 reads)

In the last edition of German magazine "auf Kurs" there is a report about Celebrity Reflection from Jan Scheffler and photos from cruiseship-gallery.de.
Here you can download the whole report:http://www.depping-design.de/test/albums/userpics/10001/Bericht_auf_Kurs.pdf

cruiseship-gallery-news : Newsletter
Posted by admin on 2013/1/29 20:39:31 (1112 reads)

My mailing list for sending news from cruiseship-gallery.de collapsed . Anybody who wants to be informed about the newest photos in my gallery, please tell me your email-address per facebook or mail to contact@cruiseship-gallery.de.

Meine email Liste zur Versendung von newslettern funktioniert nicht mehr . Jeder, der über neue Fotos in meiner Galerie sofort informiert werden möchte, schickt mir bitte eine Nachricht über facebook oder per mail an contact@cruiseship-gallery.de .

cruiseship-gallery-news : 3 millon clicks !!!
Posted by admin on 2012/12/29 7:35:54 (1107 reads)

Today it happens!
The counter in my cruiseship-gallery.de comes to 3 million views!
Not bad for a private gallery and I'm a bit proud of that.
These are the top rated photos:

And these are the most viewed photos:

Thank you for your interest and a Happy New Year 2013!


PS: some new impressions from the visitor's center are here:

cruiseship-gallery-news : Celebrity Reflection
Posted by admin on 2012/8/12 14:10:00 (6150 reads)

In August 2012 Celebrity Reflection left the shipyard hall and will stay in front of Meyerwerft for about 5 weeks.

Enjoy the photos here: Celebrity Reflection photos

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