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It takes some time, efforts and even costs to keep this website alive. Whenever you like this site and/or want to become a partner, feel free to give a small donation through paypal. If you prefer another way of transfer just contact me.Thank you

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Because of spam registrations which were related with inconvenient comments I stopped the direct way of registering. If you want to be informed directly about new photos please send me an e-mail or use the contact form. I will register you. Thank you.

Das Urheberrecht für alle gezeigten Bilder liegt bei mir ! Wenn Sie Interesse an der Nutzung einzelner Bilder haben, nutzen Sie bitte mein Kontaktformular !

Of course the copyright of all photos belongs to me !
If you would like to use my pictures and/or need higher resolutions just contact me.

If you want to be kept informed about new photos in the gallery or want to stay in contact with me or the other members, please register. In future I want to increase the number of free downloads for my members.
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